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About me

Magnetism, healing, intuition, mediumship, clairvoyance, magic are powers of the feminine  and the sacred masculine intrinsic to our divine nature. Invested with these powers at birth, I am connected to dimensions that have always allowed me to use them successfully. I have always practiced and taught meditation for self-healing purposes but also for education in order to give access to my subtle universe.

As a child learns to walk or talk, I learned to heal and practice magic naturally. 

However, donations alone are not enough, it is still necessary to have ethics and discernment to use them well. It is the combination of a lifestyle, energetic and moral that allows me to maintain a vision and a fair action in the best interest of the person.

In constant contact with the spiritualist world, I receive messages from angels, ascended masters, guides and many others to heal you and help you access your divine fulfillment in abundance, love, health, joy…  I master the art of using thoughts, forms, prayers, crystals, plants, or even the influence of kingdoms or elements on living things (water, earth, water, fire).

I master the magic that I teach in my workshops.  I also design and teach meditation to children who need empathy and calm so much to grow serenely.  I have been the first and only, so far, to create a Sacred Eight in divine proportions to allow you too to benefit from its Spiritist properties. You will find all its power and magic in my spirits creations

I suggest you let magic into your lives.

Warning :

I am not a doctor and as such do not make a diagnosis and do not ask you to stop medical treatment.


I do not claim to cure incurable diseases, the sessions are a complement to conventional medicine. My work has the advantage of being compatible with any type of treatment. If you are taking treatment, do not stop it without your doctor's consent! Magnetism does not replace medical treatment, but  it can be a good care aid by strengthening the energy field.

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