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Energetician & Spirit Healer

Lila Rhiyourhi

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Welcome to the spiritualistic world of magic…welcome home…to your sacredness.


Do you want to reconnect with your own magical power? Do you want to feel stronger, more positive, at peace with yourself, and happy to move forward?

All this depends on your energies: those of your community bodies, your place of life, your place of work, your surroundings. When you are in beautiful and bright energies, your soul acts naturally and magic fills your lives.


It is to allow you to access this that I have created spiritist energy tools. They will help you to cleanse yourself, to protect you from the negative, to harmonize you and more to come into contact with subtle dimensions. These good vibrations attract to you more luck, love, abundance.


All the spiritualist magic at the service of your well-being…

Spirits Books

Are you sensitive to the world of magic? Do you want to live a unique spiritual adventure? To let yourself be carried away by the energies of your guides, your angels and the spiritualists...

My books open the doors to your inner dimensions and magic.

Always written under the guidance of spiritists, all my books give you precious advice, prayers and spirit protocols to take care of your energies, free you from your suffering, your limitations and help you heal or live your dreams. So many blessings that I transmit to you in full.

You too can perform magic thanks to the teachings transmitted in these books… which will know how to act on your energies and speak to your soul.

Plusieurs livres ouverts
lila rhiyourhi Formation Ecole Spirits

Spirits School

You too have within you these gifts of magnetism and mediumship. 

What if you learned to develop them to also carry out spiritualist energy care and receive messages from your beings of light? 

In my spiritualist school, you learn magic, step by step. 

By following all of my training and workshops, you will know how to use the pendulum, develop your perceptions, your magnetism and carry out spiritualist energy treatments. 

Whatever your level, you can learn or improve your skills 

The workshops take place remotely via Zoom and face-to-face in Paris…. you are welcome among us…

Online training is accessible from your home…. and we accompany you...

Spirit Services

Do you feel stuck? Can't make a decision? Do you want to realize a project that is close to your heart? 

I put my spiritualist gifts at your service.


Benefit, through me, from powerful spiritualistic forces of healing and fulfillment. 

Whether you need remote spiritualist care, purification of your place of life or work, spiritualist clairvoyance consultation or even personalized support, my interventions always take place with the help of powerful Beings and Guides of light.


They bring real positive changes in your lives on all levels, so many blessings for you and your loved ones.

But above all, they help you discover the frequency of unconditional love which opens the doors to magic without any limits. 

Protections et prières Spirit

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